January, 11 2023

The new Presence Over Patterns is an intense, supportive, consistent, healing approach which I have created so you may change on any level.  This is your opportunity to successfully change old nonproductive patterns!  Whatever your dysfunctional pattern, you can “shift to shine.”


Standing on the precipice of this new approach, you may ask: How are you qualified to do this work and guide others on this journey?  And what is this new approach to healing me and my unproductive patterns, to re-building my self-worth?


So, first, how am I qualified to guide others in this healing work?  Life is the best teacher, isn’t it?  Well, I fully enrolled in life as a crash course.  You might say, I have my Ph.d. 


I know I’m not unique, but my family was dysfunctional in an epic way.  My siblings and I grew up in an environment that literally drove me to drink, do drugs, over-eat, over, over, over.  I always felt like I needed a huge medicine chest of medication to ease, quiet and survive the pain.  The trauma of my childhood was so painful that I went to the same level of extreme medication to survive—for years!


The good news…. I survived!  Once I figured out that my spiritual connection held a lot more potential than any illegal or legal substance, (drink, smoke, pill, or adrenaline producing activity), I found consistent support to heal through my budding connection to Spirit and ceremony on a shamanic path. For 30+ years I have been in hot pursuit of my healing—as a student, a novice apprentice and now a teacher/healer. So much of my trauma is healed, and yet, I continue to walk this path.  Because yes, healing is a process. A commitment to ourselves!


With all my experience, I weave the knowledge and healing ways of many different peoples.  My teachers walk many different paths.  My sources come from the knowledge of the Twisted Hairs, travel to sacred sites, healers from all corners of the globe, western medical magicians and modern thought-rebels.  I seek out knowledge from many times, places, people and experiences.  Always, I am connected to Nature, our greatest teacher and ally as she supports our growing awareness to who we are naturally. 


I am presenting a way forward that fosters self-acceptance, forgiveness and self-love.  As we increase these energies, we grow our self-worth.  It is through knowing our self-worth, we can intend pleasure, abundance and knowledge into our lives.  This work is my passion and I present a unique approach as I engage in a straightforward, open-hearted way.  This I know; we can heal and have a good time doing it.

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Worthiness Academy supports self-growth and aids addiction recovery. We are based in nature-based knowledge, shamanic ceremonies and rituals to unlock our self-esteem.