Presence over Patterns: August 14th Course


Starting August 14th , 2023, we will meet via Zoom 8 times over 4 months.



This is a 4 month remote course, with 8 sessions included.


As the world changes, our dreams change right along with it. This year-long workshop will inspire the changes you are seeking through teachings and ceremonies. Sign up to learn about creating new productive patterns. Connect with a global community so you can know your value, find your passion, and build your dream.


Presence Over Patterns is a dynamic, new, shamanic approach to healing our dysfunctional patterns. These patterns can be co-dependency, eating disorders and addictions to substances and behaviors. This design of the program is to allow consistent support for our healing, step into the life changes we desire to fulfill our goals and know success. During this 4 month course you receive a personal 1 on 1 consultation with Debra. This will allow you to work specifically with the teachings and new understandings to create your path to change.


Starting August 14th , 2023, we will meet via Zoom 8 times over 4 months. All meetings are on Monday evenings at 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM (MST). Each session will bring connection, ritual or practice, and shamanic teachings all focused on healing dysfunctional patterns. We will heal and create a rich, healthy, successful life as we step more into our authentic self.



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