The new year brings a new time to invest in ourselves and our growing worthiness.

Ringing in the new year signifies an even bigger start for each of us. Resolutions and our reflections pave the way forward. A recent movement I’ve noticed on social media encourages people to find a word that embodies how they would like to focus on this new year. I think this is brilliant! With a bit of conscious focus, we can really impact our choices for the year and decade ahead.


If you are reading this, it is likely that we share a desire to continue refining making progressive steps toward being our best selves. For me, this is the greatest desire that drives my personal growth. I have been on a three decade crusade of healing my patterns of self harm, addiction, and pain. I work with many people that have learned they are worth more and have a passion for ways to incorporate more beauty, success, and peace in their lives. Addiction recovery opens the door to healing and therefore beauty, success, and peace as a result. Does this sound like something you would like in your life? If so, read on….


One of my key understandings through my healing path has been that ‘Choice Creates Life’.


Every one of my choices have had resulting impacts and consequences. So, the more conscious choices I make, the greater opportunity for me to create the life I truly desire. These choices will not get any positive results if I stay in an addictive mindset. My addictive mindset created a focus on short term pleasure (substance use or sugar fixes) which then created long term pain.


Staying focused on a powerful word or concept for how we move through this year can help us make positive choices when we stand at a crossroads for a decade ahead. Let’s look at some of the power words that can guide our way forward:


1. Worthiness:  a state of knowing that I possess great merit, character, or value
2. Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles, sound moral character, honesty
3. Healing: curing or curative, growing sound, getting well, mending
4. Happiness: good fortune, pleasure, contentment, and joy
5. Commitment: pledge, promise, obligation, engagement
6. Gratitude: quality or feeling of being thankful
7. Hope: the feeling of what is desired can be had, expansive
8. Dreaming: an aspiration, goal that you envision as a reality

Any one of these power words can help us to enrich our lives focusing us on conscious choices that lead to positive results. Let us use the power of choice to choose positivity, health, connection, and self-love.


Take the challenge! Choose the word that describes how you would like to intend your life and make 2020 the start of a new way forward.


I choose worthiness!

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