Did you ever wonder why you or someone you know has an addiction?
How can someone so smart, cute or rich have an addiction?

Many of us that are in recovery or are ready to tackle sobriety really want to understand how we developed this issue. Is it genetic? Are we sick or flawed?


The answer to these questions is NO!


Let’s look at what the cause of addiction could be. From the time we were little ones, we had our parents, siblings, teachers, and friends expecting us to live up to their standards, be different or not appreciate who we really are. Humans are energy sensitive beings and all these conforming pressures strike us hard. We want to fit in with those that matter to us. When we feel the need to conform to something that is not natural for us, we feel unworthy.


This feeling of unworthiness grows and becomes a belief. This belief then informs our approach to life. We develop this belief of unworthiness and this lack of self worth is foundational. We start to do things from this lack of worth that projects out that we don’t matter.


When we don’t matter, we do things that tend to hurt us before others can hurt us. Over and over again this pattern becomes an addiction. The addiction numbs us and let’s us believe that we don’t feel the pain of life. Our lack of self-worth ushers in our addiction.


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